FSI Morning Sessions - Shared screen with speaker view
David Bligh
Data through Fall 2022 reported Dec. 2021?
Travis L. Copenhaver
You mentioned wrap around student services, what does that include?
Roger D. Griffith
Do we have retention data per program? Focus on programs with low retention rates, examine programs with higher retention rates for actions or conditions that maybe modeled or carried over to other programs.
calexander, New River CTC Lewisburg, WV
College Algebra is the #1 course students usually fail (nationwide). We hope to offer Math 107 Basic Statistics soon as an alternative. Math 101 Qualitative Literacy is currently an alternative for College Algebra. The more options we have for students, I feel, will help our students.
Karen Berneburg
Probably still need more conversation/decisions on what we define as attendance. If a student logs into Zoom but seems to disappear after the log in (e.g. no camera, no response to questions, etc.) do we all agree to mark absent? Or for online......I just think we need some consensus.
Julia A. Jackson
I think Karen has a good point
Karen Berneburg
A standard statement is best.
Ann M. Nagye
I use the Polls in Zoom to see if the student is paying attention.
David J. Ayersman
Roxann Humbert told me once that she uses a 1-question quiz in Blackboard to check the pulse of her students. She simply asks students to read the syllabus and then take quiz so she’ll know they’re active.
Karen Berneburg
Please email once the template is updated so we don't have to keep checking the intranet. Thanks :)
Wendy Patriquin
Will do!
Tamara L. Rahal
I'll send the updated syllabus template to all faculty once I have the verbiage later today. Good suggestion, Karen!
Karen Berneburg
Thanks so much Tamara!
Roger D. Griffith
what about doing 30/45 hour reviews every year and awarding degrees or certificates as they are earned. Many degrees have certificates imbedded in them. Students maybe earning credentials without being aware of them. Easy way to get completion rates up.
Rachel L. Kelly
I find it interesting that we are pushing 15+ credit hours per semester because it's proven that these students are more successful yet the part-time students seems to be more successful in reality. Our students are not the traditional ones. Important to remember.